School Council

The Saint Aloysius School Council is an advisory group made up of school administrators, parents and relatives of Saint Aloysius students who are committed to Catholic education and the mission, ideals, success and preservation of Saint Aloysius school.

The primary purpose of the school council is to offer advice to the principal and pastor of St. Aloysius regarding school policies.   We meet on a monthly basis during the school year to discuss school policies including school operations, viability, staffing, budget, and supplies.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding school policies we encourage you to speak with a school council member.

2023-2024 School Advisory Council

President: Jason Zera

  • Jana Bechstein
  • Cindy Ducar
  • John Eckel
  • April Gladieux
  • Monica Jatho
  • Carol Korte
  • Matthew Onyekelu